Mid-Weeknotes 002


  • How the Boeing 737 Max disaster looks to a software developer

    I haven’t been more terrified of software since playing Arx Fatalis in my early teens. I don’t particularly like flying and reading these sorts of articles doesn’t help. Still, this was way too interesting to pass on.

    I just want to note, I definitely read this, for some reason it seems to be behind a paywall now.

  • Introduction to Lambda Calculus by Barend(regt|sen). Went through the first half of Chapter 2 again.

  • Getting to Yes

    Chapters 2 and 3. I’ve returned to keeping notes in ~/org/books/.org and it feels nice and useful.

  • Parser Combinators in Rust

    I started reading it, life comes at you fast sometimes.

Not much else in the way of words, maybe more next week. Having a weekly roundup does help with accountability and keeping honest with yourself.


The cast iron works after the reseasoning and it feels better somehow. Who am I to question that mushrooms seem like they taste better now?


Stumbled upon a bug in go-fsnotify, where a write event has a 0x0 mask. There’s a deterministic reproduction case for it, it’s a bit weird no one else has run into it before. Onto the stack for next week.


I set up lsp for python, go and rust mode. Sometimes it makes Emacs quite sluggish, that needs to be looked into.

I’m also trying to make flycheck and mypy work. flycheck-mypy doesn’t seem to work. So far I’ve tried

(use-package flycheck-mypy
  :defer nil
  :config (require 'flycheck-mypy))

which seems like it should work, flycheck-verify-setup reports it as working, but I don’t see anything happening.

This does work though:

(defun mypy()
  (compile (format "mypy --py2 %s --ignore-missing-imports" (buffer-file-name))))

An finally I fixed my push to gerrit bindings for magit, thanks to Alex.


and Death.

Not a fantastic week on this front. Lyra and Joel set the tune for this week.