Mid-Weeknotes 004


Kind of went through the first few posts in the series. They describe some interesting techniques about structure around studying programming. I might or might not try to apply some of the ideas eventually.

I’ve had this bookmarked since forever and started reading it a couple of times, but stopped thinking I didn’t have the time. Somehow I completely missed the 46 minute read at the top and only realised how short it was after reading it.

Still, very illuminating. I had no idea annotated tags were objects and plain tags were not. The post also explains the magic fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/* syntax in the fetching section


I was late to the party and only now found out that Emacs can open C headers referenced in manpages. That’s very nifty, although I don’t read manpages since all the new cool projects have decided man pages are out and very long --help output is the thing to do.

For that, here is a bash function:

$ function help!() {  emacs --eval "(progn (compile \"$@ --help\") (delete-window))" -Q -nw }
$ help! docker