Mid-Weeknotes 005

Lasted more than a month edition


aka the Broken Window Theory. I keep getting reminded of this by circumstances or even quote it sometimes. Reading it again is definitely good.

The Common Mistakes list on the Go wiki, which is of length 1: “Using goroutines on loop iterator variables”

The reason this came up was because Python has the exact same thing and I ran into it. Pylint calls it cell-var-from-loop.

for a in [1]:
    l = lambda x: x
    ll = lambda: l(a)


This causes two cell-var-from-loop warnings, left as an exercise to the reader.

  • Getting to Yes

I finished Part III: Yes But… yesterday. In some ways it felt like the most reaffirming and bangforyourtime part so far. Of course, you need to have read the previous chapters to truly appreciate it.


Nothing very much interesting. I have a lingering suspicion that the freezes in python-mode with lsp are due to identifier highlighting not playing well with builtins. I have yet to confirm that.

I did update all packages today and lsp-mode now comes with a warning to install yasnippet or set a variable to nil. I opted for the first and am considering trying yasnippet again.

With this and that, next week is on a good read to be more promising on Emacs changes.