I’m writing reading C++14/17 again and it’s certainly something, considering that C+11 was barely a thing when I entered uni. It almost makes me feel old. clangd is good and I’m glad it exists. Tags almost work too, but clang is better if you have the RAM to spare. Thankfully I do, almost 300gigs is more than enough.


I’m working through the Goog SRE book, right after stopping my SRE work at Arista. Go figure. It’s a fun and interesting book regardless, I keep wondering though, is it Google propaganda? Is it why people leave their SWE positions in other companies to do SRE in Google?


I’ve been on a quest to make reading feeds a good, curated source of info and longer reading material and it’s going well. This week I dug a bit and found out that you can track github releases using<org>/<repo>/releases.atom. I use it to track gopls and golangci-lint releases.

Link roundup

A good, practical nix intro

A dynamic linker murder mystery. Amos writes some of the most interesting, approachable articles I’ve probably ever read. Throw a buck or two his way.

Book Review: A Philosophy of Software Design


Taylor Swift syndrome

Seeking truth in a time of misinformation

The Road to OCIv2 Images: What’s Wrong with Tar?

Discussing Pointer Provenance and the tweet1 that made me look this up.

On moderation, I liked the concept of being able to rate limit replies on heated topics. If I (n)ever build a platform like reddit and co, I’ll keep it in mind.

  1. “You were born in the wrong century, JF. In other times you could have been debating the sex of angels that don’t exist, but here you are trying to stir up an issue about the provenance of NULL.”