I spent most of my time at hand with GDB, and cppreference. I still feel like I have a lot of catching up to do on C++. Why am I doing this? No particular reason, I just kind of feel attracted by (modern) C++ and want to do something other than Go for a bit, even if I completely fail at it. It’s interesting, C++ is certainly different to Go.


I posted a longer piece of writing on for the first time ever, and I think it went well. I had kind of hoped for more discussion, so that I could get something from it. I still have a few things in my drafts branch, and one about VS Code that I did publish. That last one I’m ambivalent about linking it anywhere. I certainly want to rework it a bit.


Stil going through the SRE book.


I’m finally getting the hang of nix and it’s so nice. One thing I wanted to look into this week was adding a default.nix for this blog and it worked beautifully.

Way back when, I used to run Arch and bundler had trashed my ruby setup once or twice. I was never a big ruby dev, this was something I could not really recover from easily. Since then, I avoided the pain by using containers, although I had in the back of my head the thought that nix should help here. And indeed; I simply ran bundix -l, added the nix file from the README, and that was it. This was in fact much simpler than the container route; the ruby container I used had LC_ALL set to some bad value, and I had to work though mystery bundle exec jekyll serve invalid-ascii tracebacks.

Links Sometimes I ~google~ duckduckgo random messages Linux prints out of curiosity. This was good, I tried to adhere to it when writing the Go linter post and I believe to have made the end result much better than I would have originally.

Various parts of, and their toolbox.