Nothing particularly interesting. I gave an internal intro talk on nix. At least two people had asked me about using it and I thought I might as well put some slides together and ramble for an hour or so about the stuff nix can do.


I’m reading the SRE book, still. I’m about halfway through, it’s a bit hard to read without a reason to do it. I have gotten quite a bit of usefull knowledge out of it, now it feels like the returns are diminishing a bit and I want to read something else. I did start C++ Concurrency in Action, which is an absolute banger of a book. The author worked on the C++ std concurrency, so the book is very much in depth, and a lot of first person explanations of why some APIs were designed work one way or another.

Link roundup Fixing Mass Effect black blobs on modern AMD CPUs Scaling in the presence of errors—don’t ignore them Gradual typing for Ruby at Scale with Sorbet - Dmitry Petrashko